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April 22, 2015 Roberto Kollegger


This is Paws In Flux a well organized pet business. We are here to provide you with anything you may need to take care of your beloved companion, no matter how crazy, unexpected or unusual your request is. We will go the extra mile to make you and your pet happy. That's our promise!!!
Who we are!
Formed by my family, friends and pets of our own. We are committed to providing our customers with the knowledge for the well-being of your babies and yourself. 
As a family business, we would see all our customers as part of the Paws In Flux  family! That is the purpose of the creation of Paws In Flux , to put all our passion and aspirations in one place! Our place.
Our members put their knowledge to the development of our company. Our family consists of charismatic, intelligent, caring people such as Vet-Techs, Biologists, and Personal Trainers.-  all of us with different fields of expertise, but we all share the love of animals, arts, sports and the environment. We have used all our knowledge to create services that will improve and unite your pets, nature and yourself as one entity.
All the Items and services that you will find in Paws In Flux have been studied, discussed, researched to fit high standards. 
Our products have been made with a low impact for our health and the environment. We use recycled materials for the products, art, clothes, etc.  Our cleaning products are biodegradable, our homemade foods and treats are made with organic ingredients.
Our services are created for people like you, who want the best for your pet and are concerned about the environment we all share!
Paws In Flux LLC. is perfect for people with busy schedules because of work, a long or a short vacation, emergency or just a needed of time off. Regardless of your situation and reasons, we are here to help you with your needs. At Paws In Flux we will take care of your companions as our own.

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