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Are recommended to be made at least one (1) week in advance to guarantee services for your dog. Just contact us via phone at 201.430.5321, by E-mail  contact@pawsinflux.com or at our web side New Clients.

New clients will have an initial interview prior the start of new services, a key exchange will occur during this interview.


Clients will be charged half or the full-service fee if they don’t comply with the following
o    A 48 hours prior notice for all services, will have a charge of 50%.

o    A 24 hours prior notice for all services, will have a charge of the full amount.
o    If we arrive at your house and your dog is not available or we are not able to gain access to the  premises during a scheduled walk, the full amount will be charged.


Payment is made as services are rendered.
Regular clients are weekly - payment due on Friday.

Some services will require payment in advance.

Due to the convenience of our clients, the majority pay their services in cash.

Paws In Flux LLC. accepts all major credit cards.

Check payments- checks should be made payable to Paws In Flux LLC. in advance.

Bounced Returned Checks would incur a fee of $50.- Paws In Flux LLC. reserves the right to decline check payments from that client in the future.

Late payment fee of 3% will be add it to the whole amount at the time of the next billing cycle.

Late payment fees will be added for each week till the invoice amount its pay in full

We reserve the right to terminate memberships or services if you carry an outstanding balance exceeding $200.-

Entrance access/ walk time:
Dog walking time includes the time entering and leaving your residence.
Paws In Flux LLC. will need to write permission to enter your residency. Clients will be required to provide Paws In Flux LLC. two (2) set of keys in order to guarantee reliable services. One set will be given to the walker while the second set will be securely kept at the office for back up.

Dog’s Behavior and health Care:

All dogs and cats required having all vaccinations up to date.
All dogs are required to remain current with all the following vaccinations:
    & Bortadella
If your dog is not neutered or spayed he/she will not be able to participate in group services or activities.
We reserve the right to refuse services or use of facilities for dogs who:
Are unhealthy
Act aggressively
Are undisciplined
Or represent a danger to themselves, other animal or user/walkers



o    Paws In Flux LLC. offers services all year round, however on the following holidays an additional fee is the charge.
o    Martin Luther King Day
o    Presidents Day
o    Easter

o    Mother's / Father's Day
o    Memorial Day/ weekend
o    Independence Day/weekend
o    Labor Day/weekend
o    Veterans Day
o    Thanksgiving week (Thursday-Sunday)
o    Christmas (Eve/Day)
o    New yeas (Eve/Day)

Paws In Flux LLC. does not take responsibility for damage occurred to your dog's leash or any dog wear while in our care. In addition, Paws In Flux LLC. will not be held liable for any illness or disease which a dog may acquire while in the presence of any other canines/feline in our facilities or under our care for any reason. Clients assume full responsibility for their pets actions, as well as the risks and hazards that may occur from the use of our services and for your dog’s interaction with other animals.
Paws In Flux LLC. is not responsible, monetarily or otherwise for injuries that may occur in the course of playing. walking or interacting with other dogs.
Clients hereby agree to indemnify Paws In Flux LLC. and our employees of any cost resulting from damages, claims, medical expenses or expenses to your dog or any other dog, if caused by your dog.

Emergency care:
At Paws In Flux LLC. we will go the extra mile to ensure the safe keeping of all the dogs/animals under our care. However, in the event of an emergency, we will do everything possible to obtain the right treatment for your dog in a timely manner. If during this time we are unable to reach you for any reason, we reserve the right to make decisions on behalf of your Pet's medical treatment. Clients are fully responsible for any medical expenses/ veterinarian bill that may occur as result of your dog’s need of attention.

Acknowledgment and waiver:
By hiring our services you consent and agree that you have read and understood all the concepts completely and acknowledge that Paws In Flux LLC. has limited liability regarding certain occurrences and incidents that may occur regarding your dog. Even though incidents happen when dogs socialize together, we will ensure that Paw in Flux LLC. will take every possible precaution to prevent any unpredictable event.
Paws In Flux LLC. is not liable for injuries or illness that may occur to any animal while under our care.


Full Bonded and Insured:

Paws In Flux LLC. cares about the peace of mind of each and every one of our clients, as well as our staff, and this is why we are fully insured and bonded through Kennel Pro .