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Safe Keeping

We, Paws in Flux LLC. , will do our best to provide your dog with an outstanding, fun and safe experience while under our care. As a family business and pet owners ourselves, we would like to remind you that as dogs play together they run the risk of certain injuries such as scratches, cuts and sprained joints. Dogs also run the risk of confronting each other. Commonly injured areas are the snout, ears, tuft of the neck and paws. Even though these occurrences are rare, they can happen. For your comfort and safe keeping of all pets under our careful screening process will be performed on all dogs/animals to determine their aggressiveness.  This screening process is used as a tool to prevent/reduce any unpredictable incidents. Aggressive dogs are not allowed to play with other dogs.


Communicable disease at doggy daycare/boarding facilities! 

It is possible for dogs to transfer communicable diseases while playing/interacting together so for this reason we encourage an up-to-date vaccination record prior to enrolling your dog for service. Some of these communicable diseases are Kennel Cough and Upper respiratory infections. In addition, we encourage all dogs/animals to be free of ticks and fleas and any other parasitic organisms.


Paws in Flux liability waiver

I agree that Paws in Flux LLC. will/shall not be liable for any injury, disease, damage or death of my dog while under Paws in Flux LLC. or its personnel care.

I certify that I have provided all information to the best of my knowledge to Paws in Flux LLC. regarding my dog's behavior, previous aggression to humans/animals, medical conditions, parasitic infestation, and general grooming of my dog/pet.

I understand that I am responsible for any damage/injuries caused by my dog/pet to any other pet/human, and I release Paws in Flux LLC. and its employees of any claims/litigation/losses made against them as result of my dog.

I understand in the event of an emergency Paws in Flux LLC. do everything possible to obtain the right treatment for my dog in a timely manner. If during this time they are unable to reach me for any reason I grant Paws in Flux LLC. the right to make decisions on behalf of my dog's medical treatment. I am aware I am fully responsible for any medical expenses/ veterinarian bills that may occur as result of my dog’s need for urgent care.  I also understand Paws in Flux LLC. shall not be liable for the actions and decisions made by the veterinarian providing care to my dog/pet.

I authorize my veterinarian to release any medical records / vaccination forms to Paws in Flux LLC. , including but not limited to diagnoses, treatment, and any special care.