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Dog To The Park

Have you ever thought how you feel when you go on vacation or to the beach or any place that you enjoy? The sensation prior and post to the event? Feels good doesn’t it! The same feeling your pet feels when he/she goes to his/her favorite park. The feeling of freedom and the sensation of play time.
    This is what our “Dog to the park” does!  
We will take them to their favorite park within a 5 mile radius from your residence., We can bring his/her favorite toys and we will have activities they enjoy most. It be a sixty (60) minutes of heaven that you won’t regret and your pet will love!

Charges may apply. 
  60 Minutes Visit
+$5 After 8pm Weekdays
+$5 After 5pm Weekends
+$4 Per each additional 15 minutes
+$5 Weekends 
+$10 Holidays 
+%10 Per dog Over 80lbs or with special attention


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